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Chores and more chores

We are now fixing all the things that broke on the 21-day Pacific crossing and preparing the boat to be in ‘semi storage’ while we attend training.
Jim spent 3 hours dangling from the mast fixing the broken sail track. We all dreaded this repair and feared the worst case situation which would have consisted of removing the mast from the boat (costing an estimated $3,000). Instead, Jim devised a plan to fix the mast intact and was successful at a cost of $14! I love his ingenuity!
Jim and Colton spent 3 consecutive days waxing the gel coat hull while Niki and Gina sewed covers for our fenders. The fabric and sewing machine were donated by Chris and Eric Cook and were put to good use. It looks like our fenders are wearing pajamas!

We are now on an 8 day countdown to leave Hawaii for Papua New Guinea. There are 2 tropical storms headed our way in the meantime, so we are definitely on our toes!
Please pray that we weather the storm and have safe travels to Brisbane and than on to Madang.

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What’s next?

We are currently in a slip in the Kewalo Basin. Our next step is to attend the required 12-week Pacific Orientation Training (POC) training course in Papua New Guinea. Since arriving in Hawaii, we were fretting about where we would leave the boat while we are away. Fortunately, we met a family living aboard their sailboat (just next door to where our boat will be) who is willing to watch after our boat while we are gone. John, the harbormaster of Kewalo Basin has become a good friend and has also offered to watch after things while we are away.

Now that we have a secure place to leave the boat and friends to keep watch, our attention and energy turns to preparing for our long-awaited trip to Papua New Guinea. This part of our journey has seemed so far away for so long and now here we are, just 2 weeks away from arriving in Papua New Guinea. Airline tickets have been purchased and all that remains is to pack and then GO! We continue to be amazed at how God is teaching us to trust him in each and every step.

Here is our travel schedule:
August 13 – depart Honolulu
August 14 – Arrive in Brisbane to pick up visa/work permits
August 17 – depart Brisbane, arrive in Madang.Papua New Guinea
August 20 – Nov 20 – Attend POC (Pacific Orientation Training)
Nov 20 – Dec 29 – Visit Ukarumpa and Alotau (areas where we will be working)
Dec 30 – return to Honolulu
January 2015 – prepare the boat to leave for Papua New Guinea

Please join us in praising him for his timing and everlasting love and asking for his protection for the upcoming travel!

Colton turns 16 at Pearl Harbor

A family outing to celebrate Colton’s 16th birthday!

We spent the memorable day of July 28th at Pearl Harbor touring the Arizona Memorial, the USS Missouri, and the Pacific Air Museum. Colton and Niki had just studied WWII in history and were both interested in seeing the exhibits and learning more. Don’t tell them but this was an educational field trip in disguise!



Safe arrival to Kewalo Basin, Oahu

We left the Big Island on Thursday (7/20) at midday to cross the channel to Molokai. It was a hairy ride with lots of waves and wind. We expected this and made the open-to-the-ocean part of the crossing in the evening when the winds and waves would presumably be at their lowest. If this is true, I would NOT want to cross this area at any other time. The bad part about crossing in the dark is that you cannot see what is coming at you. Jim and Colton remained calm and I was pacing like a nervous cat (understatement). Thanks again for all your prayers that seem to carry us through these rough times.

We arrived at the Island of Molokai around noon on Friday and tied up to small commercial dock. The wind was pretty strong and we successfully docked after changing our approach from starboard to port. We walked ashore and checked out the small, peaceful town. Of course, we made a b-line directly to the local ice cream shop. Colton tried the local Udo flavor which is bright purple (naturally) and made from the local sweet potatoes. It was actually very tasty especially when mixed with coconut ice cream.

With a rain storm approaching, we had to decide if we wanted to wait it out in Molokai or shoot over to Oahu (8 hours). We voted to leave on Friday to get to the dock before the storm hit. We left Molokai at 6am and after a beautiful sail past Waikiki and Diamond Head, pulled up to the dock at 2:30pm. Whew!

As we entered the channel to our destination(Kewalo Basin), surfers were surfing waves seemingly right beside us on both sides. It was unsettling to see the breaking waves on both sides of us as we motored down the channel. The best part is that Colton is within walking distance to surfing!

As night fell, we had a considerable rain storm (the one we successfully avoided during our travels) coupled with thunder and lightning. Our dodger held up well and now all the salt has been rinsed off the boat.


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