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Safe arrival and a celebration!

Safe arrival achieved!

We have safely arrived and are anchored inside Hunda Bay on Kolombangara Island (near New Georgia Island) with healthy crew and passengers and dog. We had pleasant weather, smooth seas, no mishaps and no sea sickness (which is a blessing for 5 non-sea-legged passengers!) Thank you for your continued prayers and support!


Part of our itinerary for delivering the Havenga family to their translation assignment village of Ididi includes a stopover at a centenary celebration. This event is in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the arrival by the first missionaries.

The sign says it all “Celebrating the Light, Power, and the Unfailing Love of God!” Amen!

We will spend 2 nights here in the bay as the celebration continues. Then our travel plans will take us toward the village destination of the Havenga family.

We are honored to help deliver a dedicated translation family to their assignment to document an undocumented language AND we are honored to celebrate God’s amazing transformation in this area of the world.

Pics and map at

Safe Harbour_Waiting out Cyclone Raquel

Yesterday with the news of an approaching Cyclone we busily changed plans and made way to a place named Tulaghi Harbour. It is a well-protected series of bays and reefs from most directions of weather.

Shortly after our 4pm arrival the Honiara Police boats arrived for the same reason – to weather out the storm. They tied up to the abandoned old fishing wharf while we anchored off with plenty of chain and storm anchor deployed.

It appears the Cyclone Raquel will pass about 100 miles to the west. However, we are still experiencing rain and gusty wind conditions. Please pray this fizzles out and the people will be spared this untimely event.

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