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FAQs – our most Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions we get asked most often when talking about our ministry.

1.    When are you leaving for Papua New Guinea?
Commissioning for departure depends on when we reach 100% of our budget.  Our full-time job right now is to talk to people about Wycliffe and this ministry, continue building our partnership team, and prepare to depart.  We are currently working to update our passports, request work visas, update our vaccines (ouch), get first aid training, etc.
2.    How long will you be in Papua New Guinea?
Jim and I are planning to spend the rest of our career with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  We have made a commitment of 2 year for the assignment in Papua New Guinea but know that (barring any emergencies) we will stay there longer.  There is so much work to be done to get a safe maritime travel system set up that we feel we should be involved as long as we can.  The short answer:  We are leaving this up to God.
3.    Why do you have to travel halfway around the world to do God’s work?
There is work to be done everywhere in the world and locally.  As Jim and I were feeling the call into ministry, we did not have a true destination in mind.  Wycliffe helped compare our passions, skills & desires to their needs.  Maritime travel for missionaries is expected to exceed air travel in the next 10 years to reach the remaining language groups of people.  Since Papua New Guinea is in desperate need of safe and efficient boating operations, we said yes to this assignment location and role.  Since accepting the assignment, our hearts continue to grow toward Papua New Guineans and their abundant needs.
4.    What work will you do there?
Our assignment is to help grow and manage the maritime program in Papua New Guinea.  This entails receiving future boats into areas of Papua New Guinea where they are needed, working to hire and train local captains and crews, provide safety gear and training, and establish safe routes of travel.  Since we will need to move around to different areas frequently, it is desirable that we live and work on a boat since this type of safe transportation is scarce.
5.    What do the kids think about this?
Ask any American kid if they want to leave their comfortable homes to travel halfway around the world to help people they have never met and likely their answer would be no!  Our kids were no different… at first.  They have been on the journey with us through training, praying, testing our live aboard skills, partnership building, church visits, and more.  There have been many ebbs and flows of both blessings and challenges.  We have come together and all 4 of us believe we are answering a calling from God.  We know that it will not always be practical and easy.  Comfort comes from knowing that He is with us and will provide the skills we need to do what He asks. 
6.     Why do you have to raise your own money for this work?  How does the funding work?
Wycliffe uses a biblical model of missionary support that requires all members to raise their own financial support.  This comes through the leading of the Holy Spirit and responsiveness of family, friends, and others whom hear about this ministry.
Wycliffe determines the budget needed by each missionary based on the approximate living costs and operation expenses for each assignment.  Cost include daily living expenses as well as taxes, fees, visas, medical, travel, etc. are added to get the total amount needed. The missionary then has 24 months to raise 100% of the established monthly budget.  Once the monthly amount is reached, the missionary is official commissioned, departing for their assignment.  (Info)


Spirit of Giving

We pray for you to have a joyful Christmas season and hold tight to the promise of our Christ Jesus this Advent.

With all that is going on in the world and here at home, it is easy to be distracted from the original purpose of this season and the spirit of the greatest gift ever given.  Please join us in looking for ways to give back what was so graciously provided to us, hope, peace, joy, love….as we wait in anticipation of the second coming of Christ Jesus.

Here is the Wycliffe Christmas Giving catalog and order form. Please review the gifts enclosed and pray as to how God may be calling your to give to those whom He loves.

Wycliffe Gift Catalog_Christmas 2013

Wycliffe_OrderForm_Christmas 2013

Re-entry has occurred!

Re-entry has occurred!

After safely storing the boat, we took a red-eye Tufesa bus from San Carlos, Mexico to Phoenix, Arizona.  We had way, way, way too many bags to bring on the bus – one group of friends delivered our dog Missy to our friends’ house in Phoenix a week before we arrived and another group of friends delivered 4 very heavy duffle bags for us.  We still boarded the bus with around 6 duffle bags that would barely zip.  We severely over-packed!  Most of the items we are bringing back consisted of winter clothing and books.  We needed the winter clothing for the trip down the Washington and Oregon coast lines back in September but have  not used them since.  We also had to bring home the school books for Colton and Niki.  They will need them to finish the last few weeks of school and we needed to make room on the boat for the next batch of school books.

The bus trip itself was comfortable as you can see from the photos.  We had to stop once in Nogales at a military check point and then again at US Customs. Each time, we had to unload from the bus completely and have our items scanned and searched.  It was not very conducive for sleeping but we did our best.  The bus had a flat tire just outside of Tucson, which was fixed in about 45 minutes.  All in all, a pretty decent way to travel.

We arrived safely in Phoenix and were greeted by our old friends Chris and Eric Cook.  They have graciously agreed to be our command center and staging point from items coming from and going back to the boat!  They also introduced us to their local friends and we were able to share our mission while there.   We had a wonderful time and enjoyed their backyard pool, too!

Then we flew from Phoenix to Portland.  Our friends surprised us at the airport with smiles and hugs.  We feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends praying for us and supporting us!

Now we are back home and preparing to work on our partnership development.  We will be spending most of our time meeting with people to share about our ministry.


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