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Crossing the Columbia River Bar

We left Astoria at 10:00 a.m. on 9/25/12. The Columbia River Bar is notorious for strong tidal currents were the river meets the Pacific Ocean. Check out this youtube video featuring the Coast Guard. Fortunately, we had very good conditions in our crossing. Colton and Jim shared the duty of safely crossing the bar!

  • Helmsman Colton and Captain Jim
    Helmsman Colton and Captain Jim
  • Jonah’s confusion is solved
    Jonah's Confusion

Jonah had witnessed our preparations for the bar and had heard our discussions leading up to our departure. Somehow, he got the idea the bar was really a ‘bar’ where special drinks are served. He was very crabby and kept asking ‘When are we going to be at the bar?’ and we kept saying ‘We ARE at the bar.’ Finally, we realized his confusion and served him a special drink from our ship’s bar while crossing the real bar. Whew, that worked he was very happy for the rest the crossing and out into the Pacific Ocean.


We spent today at the West Basin Marina.  It sits under the Astoria bridge.  We wanted to celebrate Niki’s birthday with a few special things.  We also needed  to get everything ready for the ocean, top off with fuel and water…and wait for a good time to cross the bar.  We are anticipating making the crossing in the morning and should be in the ocean by mid-day.  Jonah is a little nervous about going out into the big ocean, but we told him to not be such a scaredy cat!

Jim met some people on the dock today and found yet another opportunity to talk about God and the work yet to be done through Wycliffe Bible Translators and others.    He is a fisher of men, for sure!

First day out

We made our first stop for rest, fuel and a walk on the beach in St. Helens, OR.  While walking on the beach, we found a CRAB of all things!

Look! A Crab!

Hey, take me with you!

He crawled out of the water and asked if he could go with us.

Only after Missy completed the sniff test, we said YES.  So, now we have taken on our first crew member and his name is Jonah.

While fueling in St. Helens (Jonah insisted on having his photo taken at the fuel dock – it seems that he can be quite bossy), we got to visit with several of the locals.  Jim took the opportunity to share part of his faith story and information about Pentecost with an interested young lady.  You just never know when you are going to get a chance to talk about God!





Colton was the main helmsman from St. Helens to just outside of Astoria.  He even drove under the Longview Bridge while Niki took pictures of the sunset!  We are off to a great start.  Tomorrow, we will prepare to enter the ocean.   Please pray for a safe crossing over the bar!  Blessings to all.







Longview Bridge

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