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Arriving in Cabo San Lucas – Baja Ha Ha Ralley concludes

Nov 10
Arriving in Cabo San Lucas, MX was a major milestone for our trip. Since leaving the comforts of home on 9/22/12, we have been on the go in one form or another. Much of the schedule demand was trying to get out of the Pacific Northwest waters before major storms set in. Another part of the schedule demand came from our planned travel with the Baja Ha Ha rally. We debated for a while before signing up for the rally, which was actually a race. We finally decided it would be a great way to meet new people and have a safety net along the way.

Here’s how it worked. Each boat was placed in a category defined by their hull length and displacement. We were in the langastino class. There were three legs of the race: 1. San Diego to Turtle Bay, MX, 2. Turtle Bay, MX to Santa Maria Bay, MX, and 3. Santa Maria Bay to Cabo San Lucas, MX. Each boat was to record their time to leave a certain latitude/longitude coordinate at the beginning and end of each leg. They were to record sailing time and motoring time and at the end, the times were tallied and ribbons were received by the fastest boats in each class. There was an official awards ceremony and lots of funny stories to go around.

Traveling from San Diego, CA to Cabo San Lucas, MX has its advantages and disadvantages. One of advantages for us was radio contact and information exchange all along the way. We could communicate with most of the 125 boats in the rally at any time as needed. It was comforting to hear the radio chatter and know that there were friends all around you if needed. Many boats were fishing along the way and would tell funny stories on the radio about catching fish and describing whale spottings, etc. Once boat caught 9’ shark and another caught a sea turtle! Also, it was nice to have someone to talk to and see lights from other boats during the long night watches.

We all let out a big sigh as soon as we were safely anchored in Cabo. We praised God for the safe journey and all the blessings along the way. The second thing we did was install the hammock. Jim and I had purchased this hammock about 10 years ago and had it in storage for this specific occasion. We had taken a road trip from one of our previous trips to Cabo on vacation to a place called Todas Santos. It is famous for the Eagle’s song “Hotel California.” We found a small shop that handmade the hammocks and decided we would buy one in hopes that someday we could could use if for this occasion. Once the hammock was installed, we took turns trying it out. It was a great day!

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Leaving San Diego with the Baja Ha Ha Fleet

We say goodbye to Frank & Lori Ryan and don our Halloween costumes just in time to join the grand parade of the 125 boats leaving San Diego for the Baja Ha Ha Rally. After so many years of talking about this rally, we are FINALLY doing it! Wooooooo Hooooooo!

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Exploring Catalina with the Jones Family

Saturday 10-20-12 We had the pleasure of being escorted all over the island by our new friends Steve, Weston, and Nathan Jones. We had the greatest views and were able to see eagles and foxes at the conversancy. We learned about the history of the Island, much of which is owned by the Wrigley (gum) family. Steve drove us to the other side of the island where Colton was able to try his hand at surfing again. We enjoyed a picnic but to our dismay, it was raining and cloudy some of the day. Nontheless, we had a great time.
Avalon has a beautiful harbor and cars are a rarity. Most people drive open-air electric golf carts. It you live on the island and feel that you MUST have a real car, you can put your name on a 25-year waiting list. Then after 25 years if you still want a full-sized car, you can buy one and have it shipped over from mainland California. There is a beautiful casino/theatre building on the island also.
Sunday 10-21-12 We enjoyed a day of rest and worship. We listened to Pastor Matt Overton’s sermon on David and Goliath. Later the Jones family came over for dinner and to say good bye. If you are ever in Avalon and want to go for a private sailing adventure, both Sarah and Steven are captains and they have a beautiful wooden sailboat for charter – check it out! We left Avalon at around 8:00pm and mostly motored to San Diego. We arrived around 9:00am on Monday morning. We were able to sail for a few hours. It is so much nicer sailing because there is almost no noise, other than the sound of the water. It just feels so much more peaceful. The stars were amazing!

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Avalon – Catalina Islands

Thanks to Brian & Kim Randolph, the red carpet was rolled out for us as we entered this area.  We were met in the harbor by a welcoming committee of Brian’s old friends from Campus by the Sea.  Brothers Steve and Greg met us and told us where to drop our anchor and within 15 minutes, we were on our way to dinner at the campus mess hall with 150 middle school science students!    A beautiful cove and facility owned and operated by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

With all that wonderful hospitality, we had planned to stay a few days at this anchorage but mother nature had another idea.  We were blown off our anchorage at 3:30am by our old friend Gale and had to pull up anchor and head to the protected area of Avalon.  There is nothing better that the taste of adrenaline in the morning.   It took over an hour to pull up both anchors – because, while hoisting the main anchor, we caught the stern anchor and a 200 lb. kelp plant.   Thankfully, the wind was blowing us AWAY from land during this exercise.  After reaching Avalon and getting safely hooked to a mooring buoy, we went back to bed for a few hours.

If you would like to simulate this at home, you could do so by pretending your house is on fire, frantically jump out of bed at 3:19am,  put on a life jacket and a headlamp, go outside and run around your house 45 times while in a wind tunnel.  Then, simply remove your life jacket and headlamp, lie down and go back to sleep.

Once we recovered some of our sleep,  we strolled the streets of Avalon and met many other boaters that had also met our friend Gale and there were lots of stories flying around.  The winds and waves got larger with each round – yes,  just like a fish story!

Colton and Niki successfully completed week 1 of school and that went very well for all!  I think we are on our way to a routine…..maybe…

We are so thankful for all your prayers and blog comments!  Keep them coming, please!


First encounter with DOLPHINS

Colton had the brilliant idea to mount his GO Pro Hero 2 waterproof camera on a stick and then submerge it into the water to catch glimpses of jelly fish or dolphins or whales or anything else that looked interesting.

At first, I was nervous that the camera would slip off but when I saw how many zip ties were used, I felt at ease.  And boy, did this idea pay off.

Jim is sitting on the bow near the anchor and the rest of us are hanging over the railing to get a good view of the dolphins.  We saw them from a distance and they saw us and we could tell that they changed course to come over play.  We were motoring along and Jack (autopilot) was driving the boat, so we were free to enjoy these wonderful creations from God.


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