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Jonah’s antics and surviving a 2 week LOB

When we took a crab as a crew member, we had no idea how lazy crabs actually are. All Jonah wants to do is sleep and eat. In doing so, he was moved around the boat from place to place as to not disturb his much needed rest. Let me tell you, when a crab does not get enough sleep, you can experience a new form of CRAB-BY! This is how our poor Jonah became a LOB. You may be thinking that LOB stands for LOB-ster but it does not. A LOB is an acronym that stands for Lost On Board. A LOB is something that you know is on the boat but you just cannot find it. There are so many knooks and crannies on a boat that LOBs are a real issue. There are storage lockers below storage lockers and if you think that the thing you are looking for is in the bottom locker, then you have to remove all the items from the top locker in order to get into the bottom locker. This can take a very long time to accomplish. While looking, you are constantly trying to remember where you last saw it and where you stored it. Well, we were so busy with our visitors to Cabo San Lucas, I am embarrassed to tell you that Jonah became a LOB. We finally found him because he was scratching at the closet door where he was hidden. He was very happy to be out of the storage locker and to make it up to him, we promptly took him ashore to show him around Cabo. He was very excited to see the Koi, turtles, pink flamingos, and other creatures from the sea. He also posed for a few photos since he was no longer crabby about being a LOB for almost 2 weeks!
He was not very happy when he learned that we accidentally picked up a few squid during one of our night passages from Turtle Bay to Santa Maria Bay. Niki was the first to learn that we had dead squid on deck. We are still not sure how they got there, unless they can fly? We have seen flying fish along the way but we have yet to see a flying squid. We thinking that some hungry sea creature must have been chasing them in order for them to make it out of the sea and over our deck railing and onto our deck.
When we decided to leave Cabo, Jonah was very happy. He said Cabo is too busy for him and we agreed. He was tired of being asked to attend timeshare presentations and did he want to have his hair braided or did he need to buy some pottery or jewelry. He wants a quieter place to sleep and so do we! So after a one-night stay in the Cabo San Lucas marina where we scrubbed the salty film off of everything and a trip to the grocery store and laundry mat, we are off to Friar’s Bay.

  • IMG_8602
  • IMG_8603
    Saying hi to Koi
  • IMG_8606
    Visiting the pink flamingos
  • IMG_8607
    Jonah shopping for a souvenier
  • IMG_8609
    Stretching his legs after being a LOB for 2 weeks
  • IMG_8211
    A nighttime visit by a squid
  • IMG_8209
  • IMG_8506
    Jonah likes the super sized moths that live here

From Santa Barbara to Anacapa Island

10/13/12 Jonah was a little worried about us staying in Santa Barbara due to the annual seafood festival being held right there on the pier.  Everywhere we looked, people were eating freshly caught seafood – crabs, shrimp, lobsters, halibut, and even live urchins.  Yes, you too could pay a mere  $5 to crack open a live, spiny, purple urchin, remove the front part and eat the back gooey part (that resembled orange pudding) with spoon while the spines were still moving about.  When Jonah saw that, he hightailed it back to the boat and wanted to scram.

We agreed and headed out to one of the Channel Islands called Anacapa.  On the way we saw a school of dolphins and that was about as exciting as it gets around here!  Colton had the forethought to mount his waterproof go-pro camera on a stick and put it in the water while the dolphins were dancing at the bow.  We will post this for your viewing pleasure asap!

We anchored near the island for two nights.   Sunday was our church day and we spent time  reading, napping, and running about in the dinghy.  The island was barren and did not have very good access points or beaches, so we decided to leave on Monday morning and head to Catalina Islands.

10/15/12 Since the transition to Catalina was to take 8 hours in calm seas, we decided to start SCHOOL.  We spent the day getting all our books organized and installing the math and science on the computers and getting down to the business of school!

  • IMG_7957
    Jonah says get me outta here!
  • IMG_7960
    Niki with Santa Barbara in the background
  • IMG_7963
    Enjoying a smooth ride from Santa Barbara to Anacapa
  • IMG_7968
    Attacked by dolphins!
  • IMG_7970
  • IMG_7974
    This is the type we saw
  • IMG_7986
    The school library
  • IMG_7983
    One kid ready for school, one not - can you tell which is which?
  • IMG_7985
    Getting the schoolroom organized




Crossing the Columbia River Bar

We left Astoria at 10:00 a.m. on 9/25/12. The Columbia River Bar is notorious for strong tidal currents were the river meets the Pacific Ocean. Check out this youtube video featuring the Coast Guard. Fortunately, we had very good conditions in our crossing. Colton and Jim shared the duty of safely crossing the bar!

  • Helmsman Colton and Captain Jim
    Helmsman Colton and Captain Jim
  • Jonah’s confusion is solved
    Jonah's Confusion

Jonah had witnessed our preparations for the bar and had heard our discussions leading up to our departure. Somehow, he got the idea the bar was really a ‘bar’ where special drinks are served. He was very crabby and kept asking ‘When are we going to be at the bar?’ and we kept saying ‘We ARE at the bar.’ Finally, we realized his confusion and served him a special drink from our ship’s bar while crossing the real bar. Whew, that worked he was very happy for the rest the crossing and out into the Pacific Ocean.

First day out

We made our first stop for rest, fuel and a walk on the beach in St. Helens, OR.  While walking on the beach, we found a CRAB of all things!

Look! A Crab!

Hey, take me with you!

He crawled out of the water and asked if he could go with us.

Only after Missy completed the sniff test, we said YES.  So, now we have taken on our first crew member and his name is Jonah.

While fueling in St. Helens (Jonah insisted on having his photo taken at the fuel dock – it seems that he can be quite bossy), we got to visit with several of the locals.  Jim took the opportunity to share part of his faith story and information about Pentecost with an interested young lady.  You just never know when you are going to get a chance to talk about God!





Colton was the main helmsman from St. Helens to just outside of Astoria.  He even drove under the Longview Bridge while Niki took pictures of the sunset!  We are off to a great start.  Tomorrow, we will prepare to enter the ocean.   Please pray for a safe crossing over the bar!  Blessings to all.







Longview Bridge

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