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Crossing the Sea of Cortez to Isla Isabel

We left Bonanza Bay to head to our ‘crossover’ point Los Muertos on 12/19.  We had a beautiful sail down the Sea of Cortez and had planned to start our crossing on 12/20 but the weather looked a bit ominous so we delayed another day.  That gave us a little time to explore the local hotel had dedicated the second floor to a model train set.

We left Los Muertas around 6:30am on 12/20 for the 242 mile journey across the Sea of Cortez.  Our destination was Isla Isabel.  We were able to sail most of the way and saw several humpback whales along the way.  We arrived at sunrise on 12/22.  We could barely wait to anchor and go ashore to see the blue-footed booby birds and frigate birds.  This island was formed by a volcano eruption and has since been designated as a sanctuary for the birds, iguanas, and milk snakes.  We were able to walk right up to the birds and iguanas – it was amazing!  …and our resident photo journalist (Niki) was able to capture some great photos.    The birds and beauty of this island were breathtaking!

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Leaving La Paz – early visit from SANTA

12/18/12 – Leaving La Paz today under the sail of our newly acquired spinnaker.  About a zillion times during the sail down the coast of the US and Mexico, we wished for a spinnaker.  Because we did not have one, we had to travel more as a motor boat than a sailboat.  We estimate we could have saved hundreds of gallons of diesel  IF we had a spinnaker.  We wanted a spinnaker but with time and budget constraints, we were not able to find one before we left home.  Most of the other boats in the Baja Ha Ha rally had a spinnaker and could sail easily under light winds.  That was not the case for us.  We commented numerous times ‘maybe Santa will bring us a new spinnaker for Christmas!’  Well, this is just about what happened.  By ‘accident’ we met Joe Arnold in La Paz. We learned that his boat was in Oregon about 3 blocks away from our boat and for some reason, we had to travel all the way down to Mexico to meet him.  We also learned that he was aboard an Irwin 52 boat – that is very rare for us to see another boat like ours much less from Portland, Oregon.  To make matters even more humorous, Joe Arnold looks just like a very tan Santa Claus!  He has a twinkle in his eyes, a permanent smile on his face and the rest of features you would expect to find in a perfect Santa.  And….wait for it – he had a spinnaker that he did not need any more!   Since his boat was almost the same size as our boat, the only-used-twice spinnaker was about as close as you can get to perfect.  And we could barely wait till the next morning to try it out – and that is TODAY!  Thanks Santa and we hope it is ok that we opened it EARLY!

We are on our way to one of the top 10 beautiful beaches in the world – or so we heard.  It is called Playa Bonanza – or Bonanza Beach.  We hear it is 2 miles wide and we are hoping to hear the old theme song as we drop anchor.

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Snorkeling with WHALE SHARKS

Colton is back once again with his GO Pro Hero 2 to show these large, graceful creatures.  At first, I was afraid to get in the water with something the size of a dinosaur.  After watching them feed for a little while, we decided it was safe and we eased into the water and swam along side.  What a treat!  We hope you enjoy this glimpse of another one of God’s awesome creations!


Back to La Paz to see the Whale Sharks

12/10/12 – We had a beautiful sail for the 23 miles back to La Paz.  We did duck into a small harbor that was a known rookery for the blue footed booby birds but we were unsuccessful in locating any.

12/12/12 – Today’s mission was to find a group of whale sharks and we were successful!   Check out the photos and Youtube Video!

12/13/12 Wow, we have a day of rain.  I am happy to say that this is the first rain drop we have seen or felt since we left home on 9/22/12.  That is a total of 83 days with no rain.  Coming from the Pacific Northwest, that is almost unheard of!  Niki was so happy to see the rain, she went skipping around the deck with an umbrella and was literally singing in the rain!  And, not to brag, but it is a warm rain.

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Expiritu Santo – part 2

12/7/12 – We stayed anchored at Caleta Partida – another beautiful bay in the Espiritu Santo Island group.  Morning radio chatter suggested an impromptu beach picnic with people from people from other boats named Time Piece, Emerald Lady, Resilience, Dad’s Dream, and a few others turned out to be mucho fun and included dingy racing (rowing only), paddle board racing, horseshoes, and hermit crab racing.  We were able to hike over to the other side of the island and discover all kinds of shells and bones and interesting plants.

12/9/12 – We moved up to Ensenada Grande to check out yet another beautiful bay and this turned out to be  one of my favorite days ever.  We started the day with a sermon from Fitz Neal and a great family discussion and prayer time.  Then we snorkeled around the edge of the bay where wild shaped rock cliffs came down into the water.  There were cool cave formations and lots of large rocks that you could snorkel through.  We saw an octopus and a striped eel and many shy fish hiding in the rock ledges and crevices.  We also found a warm spring coming in from somewhere in the rocks.   Later in the afternoon, we headed out for a hike through the stream bed (which was filled with huge boulders of all shapes and sizes).  We saw beautiful cactus plants, flowers, and ground squirrels.  We were not able to make it to the end of the hike because we started too late and the sun was about to set but we got some great photos to share!


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