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People along the way – Stop #5 of the BIG drive

During the 7 hour drive from San Diego to Phoenix, we decided that we HAD to have a Dairy Queen ice cream.  We justified this by saying that we are leaving the country soon and we needed one more visit to this family favorite!  After about 30 minutes of going around in circles in El Centro, California, we did not find a DQ and decided to go into a Von’s grocery store for our treat.  The danger of this is that you might buy a huge container of ice cream and since you have no freezer, you then have to eat the whole thing.  And as luck would have it, that is exactly what happened.  And yes, we ate the whole thing!

But before we pulled away from the Von’s grocery with our coveted ice cream(S), a man approached us and asked where we were going.  Jim told him we were headed to Papua New Guinea.  He immediately asked ‘Are you missionaries?’  Jim answered ‘as a matter of fact, we are!’  This was followed by a long conversation about faith, our missionary calling, and how God works in our lives.  Greg offered encouraging words and blessings to us.  We ended this brief interlude with a photo and a prayer.

It just goes to show you that if you slow down and look around you will find people along the way!  And if you have never met a total stranger in a grocery store parking lot and then proceeded to pray with and for this stranger-turned-friend, then you SHOULD….and soon!!!!









Colton, Greg, and Jim

One more footnote: Our pastor Fitz Neal has a sermon called ‘The In Between Times’ that talks about this very thing. This chance meeting with Greg was an in between time – as we are in between leaving our home and arriving at our destination.  Christ works in the in between times!    Check it out.

People along the way – Stop #4 of the BIG drive

Outside San Diego we stopped to visit The Brehm family – Bill & Sandy.  Rib eye steaks were on the menu at this 5 star accommodation.  Bill was a former customer of Jim’s from the Kodak era and from day 1 was interested in our kids and family. Bill is an avid photographer and gave Niki a few pointers and enlarged and printed some of her favorite photos as a souvenir.  He also gave us a lesson on how to edit photos when needed.  Good food, good conversation, good friends…. it was another red carpet treatment we will never forget!



People along the way – Stop #3 of the BIG drive

Next stop was a lunch visit with Frank & Lori Ryan. We enjoyed an ocean view and healthy fare at Ki’s Restaurant near San Diego. After hugs and goodbyes, and a quick stroll on the beach (we could not resist), we were on our way toward our Phoenix HQ.

IMG_6256 IMG_6259  IMG_6260IMG_6258

People along the way – Stop #2 of the BIG drive

IMG_6244 IMG_6245

















We HAD to go across the Golden Gate Bridge!  Then we stopped by to see our Morro Bay friends Nick and Maggie Juren!



People along the way – Stop #1 of the BIG drive

Leaving Battle Ground, Washington on Tuesday (4/22) and are hoping to arrive in Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday (4/27).  Yes, that is 1,400 miles!

We are making several stops along the way to visit friends.  We are so blessed by the people that have come alongside us to make all this possible.  Amazingly, some people that have joined our team are strangers to us, meaning that we have never met them.  This is the case with one of our first stops.  We are meeting David and Linda Allen for the first time when we stopped at their house in Santa Rosa, California.  Our friend and Wycliffe boss Bob Haussler is a cousin to David Allen.  David and Linda lived on their boat and traveled extensively in the South Pacific region for over 5 years.  Bob introduced us to David and Linda and insisted that we stop and meet them along the way.   When they found out where we were headed and what we were doing, they insisted that we stop and spend the night at their house…and we did!








Not only did David and Linda roll out the red carpet, they were a wealth of information about living aboard a sailboat and traveling in the South Pacific.  They shared their pictures, videos, and books about their time and charity work.   Complete strangers one day, family the next!   God is GOOD!

More photos coming of the people along the way!

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