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Is the REALLY happening?

So many feelings, we had a hard time processing them all. By 9:00 am, we had a boatload of people, literally. Our good friends Melva and Wayne brought us breakfast and it was a good thing that I did not have to cook because we stayed up all night getting settled on the boat, no sleep at all!

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Pastor Fitz arrived to officially bless the boat. He read Psalm 97 and 107 and led us through prayer and a blessing for each area of the boat – salon, galley, berths, helm area, etc. That was so very special and there were barely any dry eyes when he was done.

Niki still had balloons left over from the previous day and shared them her friends that were on hand to wave goodbye and participate in the physical cutting of our dock lines as we left harbor.
There were other friends on hand and some of them even said goodbye as we passed under the Interstate 5 bridge.

Balloon Bye-Byes

Niki came up with a very creative way to say goodbye!  She tagged a balloon to the things she will miss the most and then she released the balloon as a symbolic goodbye!  She released two at her school to represent her good friends Peyton and Summer.  She released one at the pond.  You get the idea.  This process turned out to be very good therapy for all of us!


Our last week on land

I have been nervous about posting this first blog entry, so I procrastinated.  I wanted it to be just right – the perfect pithy comment along with a cute photo to match…so I put it off for another day and then another day and then  I realized I can’t wait any longer because our EDT is TOMORROW!

Bon Voyage is TOMORROW!

All four of us are a jumble of nerves combined with fear, sadness, excitement and joy!  And we have been working long hours each day to get everything done.  Lots of carloads of food, clothing, and books galore.  Functioning on 3 hours of sleep a night is starting to make us goofy.  No wise cracks!

Please pray for our safety as we make our way to Astoria, Oregon.

Once I get the hang of this, I will continue to update you on our trip down the beautiful Columbia River!

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