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The glamour of pumps and impellors

The list of things-to-do continues to require attention – this was the week of pumps and  impellors.

The first to malfunction was the generator water pump.  The impellor spins while the engine is running and pulls raw sea water into the generator then out the muffler with exhaust.  This function works to keep the engine cool in addition to the internal water system with antifreeze solution.  As soon as we heard an odd sound coming from the exhaust, we jumped up and turned off the generator.   Jim checked for water thru-hull for blockage (a crab, jellyfish or seaweed?) then the raw water strainer, cleaning out a bit of sediment (and possible jellyfish), confirming it was likely the impeller in the pump.  After opening the cover to the water pump on the generator he could see some of the blades were damage.  The manufacturer recommended time for replacement had not been reached yet.   Having spares on board the problem was resolved in another 30 minutes.  Our generator is happy again and doing its job to charge the AGM batteries which strictly solar power has trouble doing.

The second impellor problem this week was in the galley sink masticator pump (a fancy name for a garbage disposal).  This pump mashes up any stray food scraps that go down the sink with the dishwater and shoots it overboard with the push of a button.  Luckily for Colton, it was during his kitchen duty that this malfunction occurred, so he was off the hook while and got to go play while we worked to fix the pump.  The pump is about two years old and due to lack of having new spare parts the fix required cannibalizing an older pump.  The process and installation was a little messy as onboard shop vac could not remove all the water and other gunk that found its way into the sink and wrapped around the old impeller.   We won’t be using that sinks for cleaning the floors in the future.  Live and learn, I guess!  While you are at it, add a few impellors to the spare parts replacement list!

Thank goodness Jim replaced the main engine impeller during routine maintenance.  It continues to run like a champ.  Knock on wood (teak)!

  • IMG_4028x
    Raw water strainer
  • IMG_4031x
  • IMG_4037x
    Water exhaust flowing properly
  • IMG_4035x
    Sink impellor assembly
  • IMG_4033x
    Sink masticator
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