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Only awhile longer
Thurs, June 12th

Well, we are in a marina East of Cabo San Lucas, awaiting the proper weather window for sailing to Hawaii. It was a fairly smooth voyage across the Sea of Cortez. The weather was a little out of sorts, with choppy seas. We arrived in Aqua Verde, rested, and then hopped down towards Cabo. Knowing we’d likely be delayed due to Hurricane Cristina, the first of the season, we weren’t in any rush. Thank God for our weather forecaster! Now, still waiting, we are toying around with small but necessary tasks for the 3 week, hopefully smooth, crossing ahead of us to Hawaii.

As we’ve been around these different marinas I’ve been able to talk to so many people and hear so many stories. But I found it especially intriguing to chat with the hired captains of the privately owned yachts. I’ve been gathering info, thoughts, and experiences. As I process it more and more in my head the more interested I become! Boating is something I’ve grown up around and enjoy doing. And what better way to learn about boats and serve God than what we’re doing currently!? Maybe even take over my dad’s job in New Guinea later on. The advise I’ve been given is to log about everything. Especially hours underway and to learn as much as I can, like making repairs and every little thing involved. Just something I’ve been pondering I suppose. My dad and I are both looking into acquiring our Captains licenses within the year.

If you have any inquires or suggestions I’d be stoked for you to shoot me an email at:



It was about dusk, we had almost reached land fall and two fishing lines were out. We were motoring along nicely at about 6.5 knots. When on the exact same second, both poles laid over and the line raced off the reel! We had something on both the lines! Now take into consideration we had fished all of last year when we were in Mexico, and only caught one, meek, but edible dorado on the last day. This was the end of our second day out and we had two HUGE fish on the line. We put the engine in idle and reeled in two dorado over the period of an hour. In Mexico they are known as Dorado, in the states we know these beautiful fish as Mahi Mahi. The Dorado are unique for several reasons. They travel in couples and they are life long mates. Also the colors that paint the skin of these fish are just breath taking. As it passes away, their skin flashes the brightest yellows, blues, and greens all along the length of the gleaming fish. Not to mention the pure white meat practically melts in your mouth after a perfect serenade! The first one we landed on deck was a 50” female. The male came aboard a half an hour later, nearly an impossible task. But we got the hook out and threw back the 60” male dorado. In general we try to release the females, but we mistook her for a male in the heat and thrill of the moment. After I cut the filets, the rest of the fish was thrown over for other sea critters to enjoy so no part was wasted. We have six people aboard, if fed us for two full dinners. Such blessings from the sea.

the male

60″ male

50" female

50″ female





May, 31th

With the copper coat bottom paint applied and the boat prepared, Friday the 30th we launched Sweet Dreams. This was an indescribable, insurmountable relief. Just to have the boat in the water, with no leaks, made us ecstatic to be one step closer to our jump across the pacific. The last couple days we’ve been doing final preparations and provisions. The women have been provisioning and stowing, while my dad and I have been fixing, stowing and verifying that Sweet Dreams is ocean worthy. For an example, today, we serviced our-less-than-working generator (now running); fixed a bilge pump; fixed the galley sink disposal/pump; and rigged the main sail. Every minute is busy. Imagine your house constantly being in a magnitude 6-7 earthquake. Objects would be screaming off shelves, out of cupboards and drawers, furniture sliding around with deadly force… Well, to some extent, a boat in some rough weather could be compared to an earthquake. Everything must be put in a safe place. Can you image stowing belongings, food, gear and equipment for 6 people for 3-4 weeks on the open ocean? That’s a lot of food by the way. Just ask my mom! Haha. Our next leg will be long but we are all looking forward to it. We will cross the Sea of Cortez to Muertos, a little desolate bay near Cabo San Lucas. It should take 2-3 days for us to get there. Once we get to Muertos, we’ll rest and prepare for our 3 week passage to Hawaii. We had hoped to sail straight through to the French Polynesian area, but due to our delays it would be extremely risky as Hurricane season is well underway. It looks like we will have fair winds and fair seas to Hawaii, but prayers are very much appreciated. Miss ya’ll, and thanks for reading. See you in Hawaii! Check out the video I put together (720p HD recommended):



Tic toc

Well, we’re still here in Guaymas. Most days consist of playing in the yard. No, not the back yard. Not even the front yard.. the BOAT YARD! And it’s quite the opposite from play. Moving most of your belongings, gear, food and everything needed for living aboard onto a boat is a larger feat than you may think. Along with bringing Sweet Dreams out of storage we must make sure she is once again sea worthy. We are leaving tomorrow! Well.. we were supposed to. But due to some sub-par workmanship from the boat yard we will be stuck here at least another week. Also, speed… well lets just say they’re not as fast as greased lightning. Its understandable that there are a lot of other customers awaiting work. Some with larger pockets and agendas which tend to draw the most attention from the yard staff. They have been directing a lot more attention our way lately which is fantastic. We MUST have the boat stored in Fiji and be in PNG for POC intercultural training by August 20th. The estimated time from here to Fiji is 70 some days in travel time. On the calendar, from today, we have almost 90 days. You could call that a time crunch. Not to mention weather plays a big part in deciding how long it takes to travel by vessel. Our departure time is speeding towards us never the less. As of today, judging by how far along the workers are on fiber glassing and painting the bottom, we will be splashed and on out of here in the next 7 days! I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re more than anxious to roll out of Mexico with the bow pointed towards our mission in PNG. Thankfully we do get some hours/days off here and there to relax and catch up on well needed R&R. During lunch and in the evenings when its hottest, Niki, Carmen and I generally go down to the beach or pool adjacent our current living quarters to roll around in the water to cool off. I also spend (probably too much) time skimboarding. One evening we met Pitt, a guy from Australia who has been traveling the world on his sail boat for 20 some years and along the way he had picked up the art of “fire breathing” in Thailand. Check out the link to my vid. (kids, don’t try at home). I suggest you watch in 720p HD. Stoked you read and enjoy!





We’ve arrived in Guaymas safely and have settled in nicely to a casita (or condo). The drive from Phoenix to Guaymas was long, but we made it through the boarder and all of the check points with very little friction. Between now and the 20th we’ll be all hands on deck to get the boat, gear and supplies ready to jump across the pacific and stay in business there. Its refreshing to have my second home back in my life (sweet dreams). Mexico is always shocking to become emerged in. The culture is so similar to ours yet so completely different. Like I’m pretty sure they have never heard about or seen a trash reciprocal in their lives. Litter generally speckles the streets, alleys and beaches. On the bright side most of the locals are extremely pleasant and helpful to foreigners. Despite the common stereotype, the Hispanic community is quiet hard working and takes advantage of everything at their disposal. I must say I am excited to experience the different cultures and peoples in the south pacific, in and on the way to PNG. IMG_6258 DCIM100GOPRO



Driving, driving and more driving

Hey y’all! Its been a long, but fruitful journey down the west coast. Fortunately, we were able to visit and catch up with some friends along the way. Just wanna give a big thanks to everyone who put up with us;). It was a blessing to stay with you all.  We arrived in Phoenix at our long time friends the Cook’s house Sunday night. Not going to lie.. we took a couple days off to relax and catch up on some beauty sleep, maybe laid around the pool a little.

Yesterday consisted of  loading up the vehicles with all the gear and provisions to sustain most of our maintenance and needs for living aboard. As you can see.. it’s a car load (actually two). The van you see belongs to our wonderful friends who hail from Alaska. The mother and daughter, Jennifer & Carmen, will be crewing with us from Phoenix to Guaymas Mexico to Fiji. Their family sailed around Mexico all last year also.

If everything goes well we will leave Thursday morning on the 1st, cross the boarder and arrive where Sweet Dreams (our sailing vessel) is located in San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas, Mexico by the evening. Upon arrival we will hit the ground running to make Sweet Dreams functional. Sense It has been “dry docked” or stored above ground for almost a year. Safe to say it is very dusty and needs an endless list of very necessary undertakings accomplished to it. Like moving everything out of storage and everything we brought with us to stow it on board. Along with many other individual tasks like so. But we’ll save that for next time. Please pray for safe travels and not too much trouble or delay at the boarder! Also, please enjoy the clip I put together from our drive down! Thanks for following and enjoy!






Welcome to my first post! I’m going to keep it short and sweet, we’re about to hit the road. I’m so glad I was able to say goodbye to you all, and I know its only been a few days but I miss everyone tons! Although I’m not gunna lie.. getting pretty excited to jump on the boat and sail off towards our mission in PNG. Sense Tuesday when we left, we’ve been putting some long hours on the road grind. Currently, we are a few miles north of San Fransisco in a Hampton inn. We have some friends to visit and then we hope to be in Phoenix by Sunday evening. And then, cross the boarder by Thursday after we catch up with our good friends the Cooks, and pick up all of our final gear we’ve shipped there to pheonix.

I put together a little video for your enjoyment and for me to get to know my editing software..  So I hope you enjoy my first edit, filmed w/ Gopro. I’m expecting to post on the weekly, so you can be looking for photos, videos and updates! On another point, I’d like to give an enormous shout out to everyone who is supporting us in every way on our mission! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to get to Papua New Guinea, gear up and get’er done! We are praying and thinking of you ALL! Thanks for following and keep in touch. love to all


  1. So glad smooth travels so far. Miss y’all, too, yet celebrating your obedience to God’s call. Y’all rock!! Love and hugs–and prayers!

    1. Thanks Lori! So glad you are reading and enjoying the blog! You are in our thoughts and prayers!

  2. Nice post, Colton. Looking forward to the more of your Corner!

    Enjoy the road grind looking fwd to sea legs… Peace, bro!

    1. Hey thanks Chris! I’m psyched you are following and enjoying my blog! And yeah haha, sea legs should be ”fun” ;P
      Cya man!

  3. Solid first post, brother! Missing and loving you!

    1. Thank you Jessica! So happy I’ve got your approval ;). Love you 2 sista!

  4. Missing y’all alot!! Looks like you’re having a blast! Even though its alot of time to be spending in the car 🙂

    1. Haha Missing ya’ll too! Cant wait for a visit ;P

  5. This is awesome! I wish I had known you were in San Fran. I was just down there for 4 days on a retreat this last weekend. You are in my prayers today!

    1. Daaang man! That would have been so awesome to meet up for lunch or something. We blew through the Fran pretty quick tho. Hope your retreat was great! Thanks for the support, keep in touch matt! Love & prayers all around 😀

  6. Wow! Sounds like God is definitely providing the “wind in your sails.” Thanks for your comments and blog. We are looking forward to hearing from all of you. Needless to say our prayers are with you constantly. Blessings and love!

    1. Thanks so much! Every prayer and supporter matters more than we can say. I’m so glad you are following and enjoying!

  7. Awesome video Colton! Thanks for sharing your adventures, I’m looking forward to seeing more!

    1. Colton, thank you and your family for sharing all the prep for the trip. Best of luck on your voyage. The fire video was awesome! I will not be doing any fire breathing just yet. Pleased your boat is about repaired, or by now you are about to launch. We enjoy reading your column and Jim and Gina’s updates. Pictures are cool too, especially seeing your boat and pix of the crew– you and family. Have a great voyage! Bill and Sandy Brehm

      1. Bill, thanks for your support and for following! Be prepared to lose an eyebrow or two when you try that! Haha. Hope you and Sandy are doing well. And I’ll see if I can maybe send you some photos to mess around with in the near future, just let me know!

    2. Thank you Jennifer! I’m glad to know you are reading and appreciating my blog!

  8. Hey Colton,

    Great job on the writing and the videos! I love the fire-breathing! What an awesome experience this will be for all of you….I hope you have a great journal! Love and miss you!

    1. Too funny…..I typed Aunt I instead of Aunt K……take care of everyone for me!

    2. Hey Aunt k! I’m stoked you are reading and enjoying my blog! I could not agree more. It has already been quite an experience and we’re not even half way to PNG! Look forward to seeing you soon when you visit 😉 haha. Love and hugs from the Nie fam!

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