About Us

CAPTAIN – Jim grew up in Illinois and studied Business. He worked for Eastman Kodak for most of his professional career. From a large, close family, Jim values God and family. He enjoys sailing, bicycling and fixing things. Jim is an active church volunteer and was born to be a father and husband. His other duties include engineer, navigator, plumber, electrician, chaos manager, and home school principal.

1st MATE – Gina grew up in Tennessee and received a B.S in Computer Science/Math in 1981. She spent her career working in high tech at the Dept. of Transportation and Intel, Corporation. As an active member of her church, she enjoys volunteering with the youth ministries. Her hobbies include bicycling, sailing, and spending time with her family and friends. Gina’s other duties include chef, home school teacher, deck swabber, toilet cleaner, sail mender, hillbilly joke teller, and nurse.

Crew member #1 – Colton is 15 years old and is in the 9th grade. Colton is very athletic and enjoys water sports, BMX bicycling, running, and has a need for speed. He is very analytical and observant and has a great sense of humor. He is intuitive, has a warm and caring heart, and has a knack for solving problems. Colton’s other duties include student, big brother, helmsman, navigator, fisherman, dinghy captain, photographer, bus boy, and comedian.

Crew member #2 – Niki is 12 years old and in the 7th grade and loves horses, singing, reading, and swimming. She has an energetic, joyful personality. She is caring and sensitive and is skilled at helping others fit in. Niki’s other duties include student, little sister, veterinarian, helmsman, acrobat, sou chef, gymnast, artist and singer.

Crew member #3 – Please join our crew to help achieve God’s mission by financial GIVING or PRAYING for our safety and completing God’s work.

Our Floating Home – God willing, we will cross the Pacific ocean aboard an Irwin 54 sail boat.  She was built in 1988 in Florida by racing enthusiast Ted Irwin.  Her name is Sweet Dreams.  She is 54 feet long and 15’7″ wide.    She has a 110 hp Yanmar Diesel Engine and holds 320 gallons of diesel fuel.  She is modified sloop or baja rigged which means that she has 2 independent head sails which are never used at the same time as is done with a cutter.   She has a cruising speed of 7 knots and a maximum speed of 9 knots.

Sweet Dreams_Catalina_CarlDube at helm


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